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UX/UI Designer, UX Researcher

petChek is a native iOS mobile application that makes finding and booking veterinary services effortless. 


Jan - Apr 2022 (12 weeks)


Design thinking, Problem framing, Ideation, Interaction design, User testing 


Pen & paper, Figma, InVision


Pet parents struggle to find veterinary services

The COVID19 pandemic has led to more people adopting pets as they spend more time at home. But when talking to other pet parents, I noticed we all had trouble finding and choosing veterinary (vet) clinics.


Book veterinary appointments anywhere, anytime

Find services anytime, anywhere

Find services anytime, anywhere

  • Search nearby vet clinics

  • Filter results based on rating, animal, service, or wait time

  • View clinic locations on a map

Browse clinic information

  • Browse service information before booking an appointment 

  • Learn about your veterinarian

  • Find out service cost and duration

Book and Go

  • Pre-fill pet profiles for quick access 

  • Add your message and photos before each appointment 

  • Schedule online at your convenience

The Challenge

Pet adoption and ownership are on the rise. Despite this, there are concerns about vet clinics closing because of the pandemic. Pet parents are particularly affected by this uncertainty. My assumption was that more people are becoming pet owners, but not all of them can access veterinary care promptly. 


Through research, I learned that pets population has rise significantly over the past 6 years

dog icon.png

7.7 million

From 6.4 million to ...


cat icon.png

From 7.0 million to ...

8.3 million


2016 - 2020 dogs and cats population in Canada.

Source: Canadian Animal Health Institute

Competitive Analysis

I researched three top-rated vet clinic applications and discovered that almost none of them offered both virtual and in-person services. I saw this as a potential opportunity. However, I need to understand my users' needs first.

unnamed 1.png


Group 5491.png

Pongo Pet Care

vester 1.png


Understanding the user


What is happening 

Quantitative data: Online survey sent to Facebook and Reddit pet groups


of pet parents choose vet clinics by searching on Google. 


of pet parents visits vet clinic once or twice a year. 

Why it is happening

Qualitative data: 5 user interviews via Zoom 

Through user interviews, I explored how and why pet owners access vet clinics. My interviewees have small pets, such as cats, dogs, and birds. The user interviews allowed me to understand their experiences, expectations, and emotions. 

Early Insights

Insight #1   Pet parents' needs and motivations 

Insight #2   How pet parents currently access veterinary clinics 

Through user interviews, I discovered that pet parents were most concerned with finding clinic information. This often results in wasted time and frustration. 

" The biggest challenge is waiting in queues with your dog, especially if other animals are not very friendly. "

" We prefer getting quotes for the visits or an estimate of the cost rather than learning the costs after the visit. "

In addition, there was an insufficient streamlined appointment booking process. Pet parents had to google nearby vet clinics, review ratings, and call to book an appointment. Based on the analysis, I crafted a persona to represent the target users and mapped the user journey to understand their emotions and pain points. 

Persona (2).png
Frame 2.png

Key Findings

Pain Points


Lack of service information transparency

Unable to find detailed veterinary service information 

I can easily access to detailed service information.

Have to call around to check appointment availability

Booking process is time-consuming and tedious

I can quickly find and book appointments online.



quotation icon.png

I'm able to book a medical appointment for myself online, but why can't I easily do that for my pets?

quotation icon.png

Technology is integrated into almost every aspect of our lives. I was surprised to discover that people's expectations of services have changed overtime. For instance, access to medical care through telehealth has made people's lives easier. However, when services aren't available through technology, it causes frustration and anxiety.

I find it difficult not knowing the availability of veterinary clinics. In my situation, I was directed to another clinic, which was 2 hours drive away. 

quotation icon.png
quotation icon.png

Many pet parents put a lot of effort into coordination, for instance, calling vet clinics individually to check availability. When their pet gets sick, pet parents express financial and emotional stress. This made me wonder how my product could resolve these issues so pet parents could be stress-free and spend more time with their pets. 


Knowing the scope of my project, I reframed my problem statement to: 

HMW ... improve the veterinary appointment booking process in order to provide a streamlined and effortless experience for pet parents?

quotation icon.png
quotation icon.png

Design Solutions


User testing feedback - Breakdown button options 

Based on user testing feedback, having emergency and non-emergency clinics in the same button causes confusion. Additionally, the previous design layout required more clicking for the user, which makes the searching process time-consuming. ​

iteration 1 before 1.png


Search bar and faceted filters help users quickly find the right vet clinic

Initially, I had the filters on another screen. User testing revealed that this does not allow users to view the filter and the search bar at the same time while using the map. Users had to go back and forth, which was time-consuming.​ With a search bar and faceted filters, users can easily find clinics by accurately filtering large datasets of clinics and services. 

The search bar allows user to easily find specific clinic.

iteration 1 before 2.png
itration 1 after 2.png

Faceted filter helps user to narrow down the vet clinics that meets the user's need

The map gives the user navigation and direction about the nearby clinics


Trade-off decision: provide detailed clinic information 

One of the main concerns of pet parents is the transparency of vet service costs. I wanted to put the users first, so I added the cost, service time, and doctor rating for users to quickly browse before deciding to book an appointment. Pet parents will feel at ease when they are booking appointments and not have to worry about being able to afford the service. 

Clinic Info.png
Clinic Info.png
  • A clear indication of the service cost, duration and doctor rating will provide more transparency to users.

  • This helps to build a trusting relationship with the clinic. 



User testing feedback - Booking progress indicator 

I decided to incorporate a progress indicator when users start the appointment booking process. With a progress indicator, users know that the booking process is happening. In addition, they can see the number of steps required to complete a booking, providing transparency to the process. 

Clinic Info.png
Clinic Info copy.png

The Final Product

iPhone X Mockup (1).png
Home Screen.png
Clinic information.png

What I've learned

This is my first ever case study and I've learned so much throughout this experience.

  • When making a decision, I need to understand the constraint and scope. I should take into consideration how my product will develop in the future in order to create the "best" solution. 

  • Don't be afraid of failing forward and experimenting with new ideas. 

  • Task prioritization and time management are essential skills working as a designer. It is important to stay organized, pay attention to deadlines, and always have a backup plan. 

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